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Our Companies.

Some of Our Our Clients.

This is my Epoch Moment:

I (Adam) launched Epoch Moment in January 2015 as a full-time wedding and engagement photography company. Over time it was a natural transition into videography and design.

Today the company operates under the flag of Epoch 365 with subsidiary companies that support each other and blend together perfectly.

Since the beginning of my photography career, I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed helping other photographers and businesses grow and thrive. I hold no secrets and always make myself available to mentor and help anyone I could. This is where the business model for Epoch Moment X comes from.

Epoch Moment X is a chance to invite photographers of any experience level to enter into the industry without the risks I took. It’s a chance to earn some money while gaining an education in photography and building your portfolio… Or it’s an opportunity for established photographers to promote their own business and pad their pockets.

Our Brands.

  • Epoch Moment
    • Wedding and Engagement Photography.
  • Epoch Moment X
    • All other types of photography outside of weddings and engagements.
  • Epoch 365
    • Videography Company – Video, podcasts, promos, marketing, etc.
  • Colorado ICONS
    • Clothing brand and custom product company
  • Wedding Day Field Guide
    • Book and Podcast centered around everything we’ve learned about weddings
  • GNN (Good News News)
    • Video and podcast series centered around only good news
  • Know Where Project
    • Video series and podcast focused on local businesses and success stories